All your metrics in one place

Amon comes with a lightweight single binary agent that will collect all your system metrics - CPU, Disk, Network, Memory and Load. CPU, Memory, I/O data for every process running on your servers.

Detailed performance metrics for MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, Apache, ElasticSearch, Memcached, Haproxy, RethinkDB, etc.

Collect metrics from all 150+ Sensu and 30+ Telegraf Plugins. One line Custom plugins in your favorite language.

Easy to deploy with you favorite CAPS(Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt) tool - the agent has only 2 lines config and automatically detects all host details.

Elastic Dashboards

View any system, process or plugin metric from all or a group of hosts on the same chart. Automatically updated as you add or remove new servers. Easy to use Dashboard editor with instant live preview of all metrics.

Service Checks

Amon is fully compatible with Sensu and Nagios checks, giving you the option to monitor thousands of specific metrics out of the box. You can write your own custom scripts with a couple of lines in your favorite scripting language.

Your whole infrastructure at a glance

See any system and process metric across all your hosts on one screen. Group by size, region, type, distribution or any custom tag.

Cloud Sync

Amon will automatically sync and tag your Amazon, Google Compute, DigitalOcean, Linode, Rackspace and Vultr servers. The automatic tags include credentials type(production, staging), region, machine type, size, distro, etc.

You can use the tags to group your servers in the hostmap or bookmark for easy access.