• Infrastructure agnostic

    Monitor cloud, VMs, bare metal servers. Works great on Linux and Windows.

  • Easy to install

    Deploying your Amon instance or the collector agent is a single line of code.
    Install automatically on all your servers with Salt and Ansible.

  • Elastic Dashboards

    See any system, process or plugin metric from all your hosts or group of hosts on a single chart. Automatically updated as you add or remove servers. See a live Dashboard

  • Host Maps

    Host Maps give you a bird eye's view of all of your hosts together on one screen, grouped however you want.

  • Custom data density and retention

    Customize data density for each server or globally - starting from 5 seconds.

  • Monitor your Apps

    Detailed plugins for MySQL, PostgreSQL, nginx, Apache, redis and many more.

  • Send custom Metrics

    Post custom applications metrics from any platform to the Amon API. No third party libraries required.

  • Alert on any metric

    Setup an alert on any native or 3rd party metric and receive notifications by email, chat or your iOS/Android device.

  • Automate & Debug

    Automatically execute commands on alerts. Execute commands and scripts on your servers in real-time directly from the browser. No SSH required.

  • Pay Once, use forever

    An Amon license is a one-time cost, the license does not expire and there is no limit of the number of hosts you can monitor.

  • Private behind your firewall

    Deploy Amon on any cloud provider, or your internal private network with no connection to the internet. Once installed, you can run it indefinitely.

  • Hosted


    Up to 25 hosts
    • Always up to date
    • 30 days retention / 1 minute resolution
    • Email support
  • Self-Hosted


    Unlimited number of hosts
    • Email support
    • Next bussiness day response
    • Pay once, use forever
    • Private behind your firewall
    • Free Updates for 1 Year
  • Self-Hosted Plus


    Unlimited number of hosts
    • Email support
    • Phone & Chat Support
    • Same bussiness day response
    • Live upgrade & installation assistance
    • Prioritize features important to you
    • Pay once, use forever
    • Private behind your firewall
    • Free Updates for 1 Year
  • 100% Money back guarantee

    If Amon does not meet your needs, within 14-days of your purchase date we will be happy to give you a 100%, no questions asked refund.

What Customers Are Saying


Server uptime and resource monitoring are a crucial part of the service that we provide. It helps to detect issues before they come serious problems, give our clients peace of mind and reduce the number of hours we spend fixing things. We shopped around and found a number of great SaaS products but all came with high recurring costs. There are also data protection issues surrounding their use, and a general feeling that we’d be a small fish in their large ocean when it came to feature requests.

I’m glad that we found Amon. It works great, is easy to set up and the monitoring/alerting is on par with the best SaaS products at a tiny fraction of the price. We control everything so the data protection issues are much less significant. It fits nicely into our workflow with its web hook and plugin functionality, and Martin has been extremely helpful with support and feature requests. Overall, I would recommend Amon to anyone looking for a monitoring solution that they control.

- James Hadley, Founder at LoadingDeck

Sharp Stream

Here at Sharpstream we have always been looking for new ways to monitor our vast array of servers. We currently use Amon to keep an eye on usage stats for our servers and also on a specific process level.

We have tried using techniques such as SNMP and SSH as ways to monitor to servers but always seen errors with software unable to keep up and found servers not showing every metric every minute. I came across Amon and liked the fact it was a simple module to install on the server which reports all of the required metrics direct to the monitoring server. I am also keen to look further into their modules for apache and nginx which will enable us to monitor even more data and enhance our monitoring further.

I have found their support to be excellent and they have always been open to improvements we thought would be helpful for our specific requirements. Updates are very regular including new features such as the remote execution that looks very interesting as we have always wanted to easily manage our servers through automating scripts.

- Stuart Downton, Network Manager at Sharpstream

I was using zabbix and one day after wasting a lot of time make some minor changes to it I started looking to what alternatives are out there. I found Amon and it caught my eye immediately with it's simplicity and ease of use. I started to use it mainly as a test but after a few months I already started using it as the main monitoring system for the system I manage.

Martin always resolves any bug I might find and pushes an update asap, also he already implemented several suggestions I made to improve Amon.

- Zoltan Sandor, Devops/Sysadmin

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