How Amon can help you?

    • Simplicity above all

      Installing Amon is a single line of code, installing the Amon agent is a single line of code. Installing a plugin like MySQL, nginx, Redis, MongoDB, Apache, etc. is again - one line of code.

      As a matter of fact in Amon spending more than 15 seconds in the terminal, installing dependencies manually are all considered as bugs. We guarantee you that these are things you will be doing a lot with just about any server monitoring tool out there.

      This makes Amon perfect for agile, flexible companies, where collecting and analyzing performance data is crucial, but spending time and resources on installing and supporting third party services is not a priority. Building an awesome product and talking to customers is.

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      Pay Once, Install on your own server

      The cost of Amon is just a fraction of the cost of using a cloud monitoring service. These services are very expensive and can cost considerably just to monitor a few hosts and you have to pay each month. An Amon license on the other hand is a small one-time cost and the license does not expire.

      The cost is also minuscule compared to similar commercial systems and only a fraction of the cost if you count work hours required to setup and configure a comparable open-source system.

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      Full Stack Monitoring

      Out of the box it collects all system metrics like CPU, Load, Memory, Disk and Network usage.

      Amon is one of the few monitoring tools that collects Memory, CPU, and I/O data for every process running on your server. This will help you pinpoint problems affecting the server performance, but not directly related to your apps.

      Amon syncs your servers from your Amazon, DigitalOcean, Linode and Rackspace accounts, so you don't have to add them manually.

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      Amon has plugins for all the popular applications like MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, nginx, Apache, etc.
      Installing a plugin in Amon is a single line of code:

      $ amonpm install postgres

      This simple command will install all system and plugin dependecies, create read only users, tweak configuration files, etc.
      Compare that to almost every monitoring tool out there where you usually have to do that manual labor on your own, sometimes losing over 30 minutes for a single plugin.

      Amon has a full collectd integration, bringing the number of supported plugins to over 90. In addition to that - you can easily create a custom plugin in a couple of lines of code.

      Check the plugin repo at github
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      Full access to your performance data

      With Amon your performance data is not locked behind an API - it is stored in a MongoDB database your team can access.

      That means - no more waiting for some third party service implementing an API endpoint for the metrics important for your startup. No more wasted dev time when they decide to deprecate their API and make some backward incompatible changes.

      With Amon you can get any metric in a couple of lines of code, analyze, chart and integrate it in services like IFTT, Slack, Statuspage, Ducksboard, etc.

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