How Amon can help you?

  • Simplicity above all

    Deploying your Amon instance is a single line of code and takes less then 30 seconds. Installing the Amon collector agent is a single line of code. Installing a plugin like MySQL, nginx, Redis, MongoDB, Apache, etc. is again - one line of code.

    As a matter of fact in Amon spending more than 15 seconds in the terminal, installing dependencies manually, fumbling around config files are all considered as bugs. We guarantee you that these are things you will be doing a lot with just about any hosted or open source server monitoring tool out there.

    Amon will be a perfect fit for your company if you are looking for an elegant, easy to install and support self-hosted monitoring tool.

  • Pay Once, Install on your own server

    The cost of Amon is just a fraction of the cost of using a cloud monitoring service. These services are very expensive and can cost considerably just to monitor a few hosts and you have to pay each month. An Amon license on the other hand is a small one-time cost, the license does not expire and there is no limit of the number of hosts you can monitor.

    The cost is also minuscule compared to similar commercial systems and only a fraction of the cost if you count work hours required to setup and configure a comparable open-source system.

    Pricing calculator

    How does Amon compare against popular hosted monitoring solutions like Datadog, Scout, Server Density and Librato?

    How many hosts do you need to monitor?

    Hosted Services Amon
    Cost per month ${{ monthlyPriceFrom }} - ${{ monthlyPriceTo }} Average price between $8 and $15 per host/mo. One time Purchase: $79
    Cost per Year ${{ yearlyPriceFrom }} - ${{ yearlyPriceTo }} ${{ amonHardware }}
    On average monitoring 1 host for 30 days with 1 minute data density takes around 200MB of storage. As an example we are using DigitalOcean droplets:
    Servers RAM Storage Avg. Price/month
    1-10 512MB 20GB $5
    10-25 1GB 30GB $10
    25-50 2GB 40GB $20
    50+ 4GB 80GB $40

    With Amon you are saving between: ${{ amonSavingFrom }} and ${{ amonSavingTo }}

  • Full Stack Monitoring & Easy integration

    Amon is the one tool you need to collect, organize and correlate all your performance metrics:

    Best of all - with Amon your data is not locked behind an API - it is stored in a MongoDB database on your own server. You can get any important metric in a couple of lines of code, analyze, chart and integrate it in services like IFTT, Slack, Statuspage, Ducksboard, etc.

No subscription. Unlimited servers and metrics.

Just $79 to buy. That’s it.

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