Why You'll Love Amon?

  • Easy to install & Deploy

    Single binary collector agent, making deployment at scale a breeze.

    Monitor cloud, VMs and bare metal servers. Works great on Linux and Windows.

    Install automatically on all your servers with your favorite provisioning tool.

  • All your metrics in one place

    All your system metrics out of the box. CPU, Memory and I/O data for every process running on your servers - no configuration required.

    Plays well with others

    Every monitoring platform out there will limit you to their own collector agent. When a plugin is missing, you have to waste your time creating custom ones.

    With Amon - you have 10+ native plugins and you can create custom plugins in one line of code. On top of that, Amon can collect metrics from 150+ Sensu plugins and 30+ Telegraf plugins.

  • Elastic Dashboards

    See any system, process or plugin metric from all your hosts or group of hosts on a single chart. Automatically updated as you add or remove servers.

  • Alerts on any metric

    Setup an alert on any native or 3rd party metric and receive notifications by email, chat or your iOS/Android device.

  • Nagios & Sensu compatible

    Amon is fully compatible with both Nagios and Sensu checks, giving you the option to monitor thousands of specific metrics out of the box.

    Write your own custom checks with a couple of lines of code in your favorite scripting language.

    Compared to the regular monitoring solutions, with Amon you can create checks directly from the browser and thanks to the remote engine - Amon is going to distrubute and execute them in real-time.

  • Easy StatsD

    StatsD support is embedded in our monitoring agent and can be enabled with a single line of code.

    Send StatsD metrics from almost any programming language and platform.

    View all your host and application metrics in a single platform and get notified when issues occur.

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